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Founded in 2018 by Arianne Richards, Chicago Cannabis Concierge is a multifaceted, Black owned, majority woman owned company who’s focus is to provide quality services, education and advocacy in the growing cannabis industry.

Our Services:

-Canna curious educational parties for adults who want to know more about the plant and safe consumption.

-Cannabis industry entry consulting

-Personal Budtending at private events

-Cannabis flower evaluation

-Annual cannabis wellness retreats


Arianne (Ari) Richards, founder of Chicago Cannabis Concierge, is an advocate for social equity in cannabis; a personal cannabis consultant and educator; and Certified Professional Interpener (cannabis sommelier). She has a degree in African American Studies and worked as a community activist and educator since the 90s. The former rites of passage and summer camp director at the Chicago Wisdom Project, she currently sits on the board of Wisdom Projects, Inc. Today, she has combined her lifelong love of and commitment to her people with her passion for cannabis to dedicate herself to de-stigmatizing, legalizing, and educating about cannabis in order to give equal access to the emerging industry and to create opportunities for underrepresented communities. She is a member of the Chicago NORML legislative committee and is working to build relationships with lawmakers to create more equitable and just laws in cannabis in Illinois. Arianne is the mother of three daughters and–after having lived in Asheville, NC, New York City, and Oakland, CA–has returned to live on the south side of Chicago, where she was born and raised. 

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